We are a group of Retro Arcade enthusiast and lover of all gaming. We decided to use Blockchain Technology to develop some Retro Arcade style games, as well as RPG and Multiplayer games for our token holders and others to enjoy, play and earn BNB while holding our coins.

Our initial game releases starting the 2nd Quarter of 2022 will be familiar to most because they will be games like Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac-man and a few others. Those game will be connected to the Binance Blockchain through smart contracts and reward players with BNBs. As we grow and hire new developers, our gold will be to develop a Multiplayer Arcade Verse where our Toker holders can compete against each other, play a variety of games on the Blockchain and win NFTs, BNBs and other prizes. Basically develop a Blockchain Arcade.


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